BISHOPVILLE, S.C. -- A South Carolina prisoner is in solitary confinement after he was caught posting to Facebook from behind bars.

Tyheem Henrey, 21, is serving a 15 year sentence for assault at the Lee Correctional institution in Bishopville.

Prisoners aren't supposed to have cell phones, but apparently Henrey was able to get one.

He'd been posting to Facebook for over a year, some of the post mentioned his life in prison, his tattoos, and even smoking marijuana.

Corrections officials say it's just another example of the need for cell signal jamming at prisons.

We know there are going to continue to be hits, drug deals we know victims are going to continue to be victimized until the FCC finally steps up and tells the wireless industry -- as they've done in England in Australia -- enough is enough, said Jon Ozmint, Former State Corrections Chief.

After discovering the Facebook posts, the jail conducted a shakedown of the cell block where Henrey is being held and confiscated all phones and other contraband.

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