FORTMILL, S.C. -- A groundbreaking new treadmill is changing the way athletes and patients exercise.

The AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmill is now available at several facilities in our area, including Focus Physical Therapy and Fitness in Fort Mill.

That treadmill reduces the users body weight anywhere from 1% to 80%, allowing them to run at less than normal gravity.

It was originally developed to help prolonged athletes who are on space flight get used to training and dealing with anti-gravity situations, according to physical therapist Richard Biggers.

Biggers owns Focus Physical Therapy and Fitness and says the anti-gravity treadmill is a game changer.

We use it for the athlete who wants to run fast and compete better lowering their body weight and improving their cadence to someone who might be battling a osteoarthritic knee.

Patient Nicole Garriga credits the equipment with getting her up and running again after a broken foot.

According to Garriga, an orthopedist told her she would have to quit running for 12 weeks and undergo possible surgery. That's when Biggers introduced her to the anti-gravity treadmill.

Running on a cloud. That's the best way to describe it; hat you're in a moon bounce, kind of thing, she said.

Garriga is now training for a half-marathon and running a full six weeks before she thought possible. I'd signed up for a race in about 10 weeks and now i feel confident that i'd be ready for it.

There are a couple of other facilities that have the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill including Parker Physical Therapy in Charlotte and Advanced Athletic Training Solutions in Mooresville.

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