CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Wesley Heights' oldest and most famous house was damaged Tuesday morning when strong winds brought down an old tree.

It happened around 11 at the Wadsworth Estate on Summit Avenue, right across the street from Nathaniel Means house.

It sounded like a truck was tumbling over, said Nathaniel Means, When I came out the door I looked towards 77, and I looked towards the right and the tree fell on Miss Shirley's house.

A large limb fell from the tree, crashing into the side of the house, while the owner, Judge Shirley Fulton and Event Manager, Passion Graham were inside.

They were both shaken but unhurt, in the incident.

Since Judge Fulton purchased the house in the year 2000, the Wadsworth Estate, built in 1911 has become one of the more sought after locations for weddings, meetings and other special events in the Charlotte area.

I think it s a diamond in the rough; it s a crown jewel of this community, Judge Fulton said.

It may take hours to remove the tree, and property managers said that they are looking into cutting down other older trees on the property.

Fulton said the Wadsworth Estate will be okay.

It s not rebuilding, it s repairing, Fulton said.

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