CONCORD, N.C. -- People from around the world are on the Charlotte Motor Speedway Dirt Track Saturday.

It's the seventh annual World of Outlaws Finals . The real stars this weekend were not just the drivers, but some of the pit crews -- disabled veterans helping out.

Some of those veterans pitching in to help are diagnosed with PTSD and brain injuries. They re back from war but giving their best at the dirt track.

Organizers say working on cars is a perfect outlet for some vets.

Some of them will walk in the door and say, 'you probably won't take me, I m too messed up, said Sue Roberson with Manpower to Horsepower.

(They ll say) I don't know how to work on a car. I don't know how to do this', and I say -- you know what, you'd be surprised by what you do know. You just got to believe in yourself, Roberson said of her crew.

The last races of the three-day event wrapped up Saturday night.

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