Gluten Free Crackers: Nabisco is promoting their new gluten-free crackers, called Rice Thins. (From the makers of Wheat Thins.) Check out the Walmart sample site here and get a coupon and/or sample!

Holiday Tea:
The Celestial seasonings company is giving away 1500 samples of tea every day through November 18th. It doesn t sound like a lot, but if you keep checking back each day at their Facebook page here you re bound to get something!

Natural Hair Product:
The Cantu company is offering samples of their shea butter Coconut Curling Cream. It supposedly helps heal dry, damaged hair and infuses moisture into the hair.

Nasal Openers:
Okay, so I didn t know what to call Breathe Right Strips...but they re the little sticky tabs you put on your nose to help gently open up nasal passages so you can breathe easily. Check out this form and get your sample in a few weeks.

Tape Dispenser:
Walgreens is one of the companies that have released their Black Friday specials, and usually I don t mention these...but their offer for $5 Scotch Tape dispensers is great, esepciall when paired with a coupon here for $5 off of any dispenser! This deal starts at Walgreens on the 28th, so mark those xcalendars!

Movie Concessions Coupon:
Remember how I showed you how to get a discount on your popcorn at Regal Cinemas last week? Today, Regal announced a new coupon for $3 off your drink. Just sign up for their weekly mobile coupon here.

You know how it works: read all details and please, please, please understand the deals are good only while supplies last, and are subject to change at any time. The worst is when you all try and redeem a deal days after it s posted, because odds are supplies will be all gone! Have fun and see you on TV! Dion

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