CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Air and ground travel proved to be smoother Wednesday at Charlotte Douglas Airport than it had been Tuesday.

Things are going much better than they did yesterday. The weather is bad, but it's not with the severity as it was yesterday with constant rain. So that's helping out quite a bit, said Herbert Judon, Assistant Airport Director.

Despite some delays, departure and arrival boards in the terminal showed most flights to be taking off within roughly thirty minutes of scheduled departure. Arrival delays were also less frequent that Tuesday.

After gridlock outside the airport caused some to miss their flights Tuesday, traffic tie-ups were also minimal Wednesday. Airport staff planned for an overflow traffic and parking.

We do have some contingencies in place, some overflow lots which are designated. And if we get to that point, again, we'll have signage personnel and busing to move people to those lots if necessary, said Judon.

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