CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte area bars and restaurants are treating this coming Sunday as something almost like the Super Bowl.

The Carolina Panthers will be playing a huge game against the Saints in New Orleans, so many of their fans will flock to those bars and restaurants.

It just seems to be more exciting, said Don Brown, when he was asked why he preferred to take in a big game at a sports bar instead of the comfort of his own home.

It s all those TVs, and I don't know. People just seem to cut lose a little more, Brown added.

I would expect a huge turnout, said Brian Sutton, the manager at the Dilworth Neighborhood Grill.

The Grill has hired half a dozen more employees to help through the holidays and with the extra crowds now turning out for the Panthers games.

I just think that the buzz around town is just out of this world, especially with this winning streak they are on right now, said Sutton.

At the All American Pub in Charlotte's South End, there will be tailgating in the bar's parking lot.

Manager Al Fonsogiacomucci said, We usually do a really good football Sunday and now with the Panthers winning, it has really helped morale.

At the Icehouse in the South End, they are adjusting schedules to make sure there is enough staff to take care of the crowds they are expecting.

All the bars know this is how you keep customers coming back, so their flat screens will all be in working order and the beer is cold.

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