A man police say is responsible for a deadly hit-and-run that killed a teen and a toddler pleads not guilty to all charges and rejects a plea deal that could have had him spending 120 days in jail.

Instead, 18-year-old Uriel Flores will take his chances with a jury trial, claiming he did not cause or run away from the accident on Sharon Road West in September that killed 19-year-old Shaquise Sharvelle Bush and a 3-year-old boy in her car.

A traffic camera photo caught Flores turning a corner in his white Chevy Silverado truck next to Bush's Mercury. The fatal crash happened moments after that picture was taken.

Flores' family says he had nothing to do with the crash, and that his truck was ahead of Bush's car and never touched her car.

Shanquise Ayana Wilson

Police say it was the manner Flores was driving that caused the crash. They also say he called 911 to report the crash but never stopped to state his involvement.

Rejecting the plea deal now means this case will go to trial, where if convicted of involuntary manslaughter and felony hit and run causing injury or death, Flores could be looking at years in prison instead of months in jail.

One thing the family doesn't want to do is post Flores' $50,000 bond.

Prior to the wreck he was granted a two-year legal immigration status. If Flores bonds out it could jeopardizes his status and could mean deportation.

Flores' trial will be scheduled sometime next year.

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