AUSTIN -- Watching the calendar can save consumers big dollars when it comes to some of the biggest investments.

According to, a website that monitors auto industry trends, the end of the year happens to be the best time to save at car dealerships. Specials are high, in particular, during the last weekend in December.

Experts say dealers want to clear out last year's models and meet year-end quotas. To secure a bonus and make a sale, many sales representatives will hand down savings to buyers.

Officials at Kelley Blue Book say consumers can normally get five to six percent off the sticker price when negotiating. Those discounts could rise to eight or 10 percent during December.

KVUE tracked down some of the biggest end-of-year sales.

According to advertised dealer incentives, Ford is offering up to $8,500 off a 2013 F150 XLT Super Cab. Lexus features a $359 per month lease for the ES Sedan. Dealer discount will reach up to $12,000 for the Jaguar XJ. Chevy is giving $7,000 cash for the Volt. Cadillac will cut the sticker price by up to $6,000.

Savings can be stacked up by timing trips to the dealership. Experts recommend visiting the car lot on a rainy or cold day when fewer people will be around. Chances are the sales team will be more willing to negotiate a final price.

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