CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Footprints in the snow helped police track down a pair of men accused of terrorizing people at two local convenience stores.

Police arrested Tajae Rashawn Robinson and Devekico Wright within hours of the robberies.

One victim, who did not want to be identified, told NBC Charlotte he was walking into the 7-Eleven at 9025 Mallard Creek to pay for fuel.

As I was going in, I was approached by a young man with a gun in my face. First he told me get out of here. He thought about it, and said, no get in here, he said.

He made me come in the store, and he made me go in the back. Made me empty my pockets. He took me to the back room and that is when I saw the employees on the floor, he said.

Two female customers, including a teenager, were inside the store, along with three employees.

I was really shocked this was really happening. The two ladies who were lying on the floor, they were nervous and crying, he said.

Police say the men left in the victim s car and robbed another 7-Eleven at 8101 Concord Road.

Responding officers discovered fresh footprints in the snow at the first location. The footprints were leading towards the store.

Police say the duo walked to the store, but fled in the stolen vehicle.

University City Division Officers then followed the footprints behind the store, tracking it to a neighborhood along the 9100 block of Exbury Court.

They found the suspect vehicle and the two men sitting inside with the stolen goods.

I was surprised and I was grateful that they found them quick. Also they found my car, said one victim.

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