CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- As the winter blast approaches everyone is gearing up, just in case.

At the Target in uptown, stockers are finding it tough keeping items like bread, milk and eggs on the shelves. Just as soon as they are stocked a customer quickly snatch it up.

Milk, toilet paper, paper towels-- you can never have enough, said Walter Winston, At a time like this it s best to be prepared.

In the Park Row Shopping Center, stores like BlackHawk hardware are more than busy especially in the section that winter items like salt and sand are kept.

We opened at eight, and within an hour all the salt was gone, said Robbie Robinson, who has worked at the store for the past 10 years.

By ten everything we had (dealing with the weather) was gone.

The store still had some auto-deicer and a few windshield scrapers, but even those items were going fast.

People are just worried that they may get stuck without what they need, and they don t want that to happen, said Robinson.

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