CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- City manager Ron Carlee has called a special meeting of city council members Monday night at 6 p.m. to address the vacancy in the mayor's office after Patrick Cannon resigned Wednesday night.

Council members tell NBC Charlotte informal conversations have already begun about possible replacements. Law only requires the replacement must be of the same party affiliation as the officeholder who resigned. There are nine democrats currently on council that could possibly be chosen.

Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes is widely seen as a possibility, but he played down any interest.

I have no plan on seeking the office, said Barnes.

At-large Councilman David Howard is also considered to be a council contender for the job. He, too, was coy about his desires.

One day, said Howard.

Council could also return to its choice from last year when Anthony Foxx resigned to become U.S. Secretary of Transportation. Members agreed upon District 1 Councilwoman Patsy Kinsey, who was widely seen as a five month placeholder until the previously-scheduled election. This time around, the person will serve almost an entire two year term.

Council members could also select someone outside of Charlotte City Council, but emphasize it would be someone with appropriate experience.

It isn't clear if council members will vote on Monday. It'll likely depend on if there's agreement going into the meeting.

I don't know necessarily if everyone's committed to making a decision on Monday, but I do think we need to come together to have a conversation about what next steps looks like, said LaWana Mayfield, District 3 council member.

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