CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Charlotte Knights home opener series this weekend was a big success for putting butts in seats, which is something the team struggled with for years playing in Fort Mill.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday's games sold out. The total number of tickets for for those games was 30,631.

It took the team nine home games last year playing in Ft. Mill to reach those same numbers, team officials said.

Fans say parking and long lines at the team store and for bathrooms are some things they noticed during an otherwise perfect series at the new BB&T Ball Park.

The team went 2-1 versus Norfolk.

John Phegley tried but couldn't get tickets to Friday's home opener even though his son is catcher Josh Phegley.

They gotta make money, John Phegley said.

He did get tickets to watch his son play Saturday and Sunday.

There's not a bad seat in the house, he said.

Never have I seen places this packed. I mean not even going to White Sox ball games.

James Moore's version of a double play is two games in a row. He says the stadium, crowd and team performance stood out.

(There) wasn't a lot of complaints, said Moore.

Phegley says his only issues were long lines at the team store.

You got to wait an hour just to buy something, he said.

And long lines at the bathrooms.

I swear the line came out of the bathroom all the way around the building. It's like I'll leave and go to the bathroom before I'll wait that long, he said.

A lot of people watching the Knights is a problem French Quarter restaurant manager Angelo Tsepelis will take.

It was a good crowd, he said. Game day restaurant profits rose 40 percent.

This is one good get for us on this side of town, Tsepelis said.

That means hiring more employees and opening on Sunday for Knights home games.

The French Quarter previously only did that for home Panthers games, but that is just eight regular season games plus playoffs.

It's brought life back to this side of town, Tsepelis said.

The Knights continue their home stand in Charlotte this week.

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