KINGS MOUNTAIN, N.C. -- Opposition to a proposed Catawba Indian Nation casino in Kings Mountain is growing.

The recently established Kings Mountain Awareness Group is demanding local leaders rescind their letters of support for the multimillion dollar casino and resort.

The letters apparently don't carry much weight when it comes to the casino being approved or not, but it's causing an intense debate over a lot of new jobs versus the potential for a lot of new problems.

The casino, if built, could create about 4,000 jobs. That's roughly the number of unemployed people in Cleveland County, which has an unemployment rate about 8.3 percent.

Tia Kennedy is an unemployed single mother of four who struggles to make ends meet.

I've been having to ask for help at churches just for simple items because I don't have a job right now, and drawing unemployment only pays my power bill, Kennedy said. She would jump at the chance to have a job at the casino.

Restaurant jobs, hotel jobs, receptionists, business people, said Shirley Brutko with the Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce.

It's why the organization supports the casino. Brutko also says if built, it will help local tourism and the Kings Mountain downtown area.

Adam Forcade isn't buying it. He organized the anti-casino group.

We definitely have developed a groundswell, Forcade said.

The group's Facebook page has almost 700 likes and features a casiNO picture on the home page.

Forcade and his group is asking city and county leaders to rescind their letters of support for the casino, even though the decision about whether the casino will be allowed is up to the federal government.

Forcade thinks a lot of the estimated 4,000 jobs the casino would bring are construction jobs that would go away. He has several concerns.

We are extremely concerned about crime and traffic, a lot of impacts to the quality of life in Kings Mountain. We have concerns about a dramatic increase in social impact to the community, obviously a moral impact to the community, Forcade said.

Brutko says some of Forcade's concerns are unfounded.

She says it includes Kings Mountain Police going to Harrah's Cherokee Casino to see what it's like there, and the impact a casino could have on crime in Kings Mountain.

They really didn't see any problem, Brutko said.

The Catawba Indian Nation applied for the casino last year.

The application is under review by the federal government.

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