DAVIDSON, N.C. -- A company run by a 15 year old in Davidson just got a big boost from billionaire businessman Warren Buffet.

The high school freshman is the winner of his Secret Millionaires Club contest.

We caught up with him on the campus at his school where he was running lines for the school play. He s still getting his lines down for when he will star in Romeo and Juliet, but don't let that fool you.

Romeo AKA Jake Johnson -- knows his stuff.

He had a recurring role on the Lifetime show Army Wives and he and his sister got a business deal on Shark Tank when he was 10.

Now that he's all of 15, he's working on his second company, a bow tie business called Beaux Up, with none other than Warren Buffet.

He was a really friendly, funny person. You know, a lot of people make him out to be a godly like figure. He s just a person and we had a funny conversation.

When Johnson handed Buffet some custom designed bows, the billionaire responded, Do you think I'll become a chick magnet with these?

Johnson just won Buffet's Secret Millionaires Club s Grow Your Own Business Challenge.

It was amazing meeting him. It was a good experience, Johnson says. I was ecstatic. I couldn't believe it and it didn't sink in until a couple of days later. I still can't believe it really happened. It was just amazing.

The high school freshman came up with the idea for the customizable bowties earlier this year and is already in talks with manufacturers.

We've done it by cutting the bowtie in half, and by doing, that we've created a system where you can mix and match any bowtie half.

Despite all that he has going on, mom Emily is most proud of something simpler.

I'm most proud that he s still just a respectful nice kid that gets along with others and does his best to make good grades, she says.

So where does the 15 year old go from here?

Gosh, what isn t there to do next? It s endless. I definitely want to keep pushing forward with Beaux Up and see where I can get with that in the future. I think the opportunities are endless!

The Shark Tank producers are interested in having Johnson back on the show and he is also taping a pilot for a new reality TV show about young entrepreneurs.

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