NEWTON, N.C. -- Police in Newton were following up on leads in a rape investigation when they found methamphetamine precursors and heroin, officials say.

Around 4 a.m. Monday, Newton Police responded to a reported rape in the 2300 block of North Anderson Avenue. The victim told officers she'd been raped by a person known to her at the reported location, then went to an apartment nearby to call police.

Officers went to the address of the accused suspect while the victim was taken to the hospital by EMS for examination.

When officers arrived at the alleged location of the rape, they encountered the accused suspect, 36-year-old Troy Daniel Hamilton, and the renter of the residence, 38-year-old Christopher Lee Killian.

While speaking with Hamilton and Killian, Newton Police say they found a large amount of what they believed to be methamphetamine. They received permission to search the home and requested the assistance of the department's narcotics team.

Narcotics officers searched the house and surrounding outbuildings and found several meth precursors and four units of heroin.

All of the drugs and precursors were seized.

Hamilton was arrested Friday for first-degree rape and first-degree sex offense.

The investigation into the drugs is continuing.

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