LANCASTER, S.C. -- A 29-year-old Lancaster man is hospitalized after authorities say he fired shots and assaulted a female relative.

Lancaster County Sheriff's Deputies were called to the 700 block of Brooklyn Avenue around 10 p.m. Tuesday on reports of an assault and shooting.

Authorities say Jermaine Grier, 29, of Lancaster, went to a home where several of his relatives were and got into a verbal altercation with a 27-year-old female, also a relative.

During that altercation, the Sheriff's Office says Grier produced a pistol and shot at the woman who fled inside the home. Grier pursued her, authorities say, and eventually caught up to her and assaulted her again.

The victim ran again to the porch of a nearby home where Grier once again caught up and began assaulting her, according to the incident report.

The homeowner allowed the woman inside his home, and was punched in the face trying to keep Grier from entering, but was unsuccessful.

The Sheriff's Office say the homeowner shot Grier once as he unlawfully entered the home and aggressively approached him.

Grier was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office says Grier is in the custody of the Lancaster City Police Department on an unrelated incident, in which Grier is accused of fatally shooting another man earlier Tuesday evening, and will be charged with attempted murder and first-degree burglary by the Sheriff's Office upon his release from the hospital.

The female victim was hospitalized for treatment of minor injuries.

Sheriff Barry Faile, This is a clear cut case of what is commonly referred to as the Castle Doctrine. This man and his family were home minding their own business when trouble came to their door. When Grier unlawfully entered this man s home with the intent to commit a crime, our code of laws allow him to use deadly force to defend himself and his family. There is no doubt that the homeowner acted within his rights to protect himself, his family, his home, and the female victim.

The homeowner will not be charged.

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