CHARLOTTE, N.C. The jury in theDemeatrius Montgomery trial deliberated for about two hours before being sent home for the night on Wednesday.

The case went to the jury just after 3 p.m. and deliberations will resume at 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

Lawyersfor both sidesspent Wednesday morning presenting closing arguments to the jury,the defense ended their closing arguments just after 1 p.m.

Montgomery is on trial for the murders of two Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers, Jeff Shelton and Sean Clark.

Prosecutorstook the jury back to the night the two men were killed in 2007, describing how Montgomery listened to a rap song by Pastor Troy called Murder Man as he was getting fired up to kill the officers.

Families of the slain mensobbed as prosecutor Marsha Goodenow talked about Shelton and Clark s final day.

The prosecution told the jury that the officers never pulled their guns on Montgomery andthat a number of people saw a man fitting Montgomery s description in the area.

The district attorney then placed the gun identified as the murder weapon in the pocket of the pants Montgomery wore the night, saying look at that, it fits perfect, doesn t it.

Prosecutorstold the jurythat the ammunition found in Montgomery s room was the same ammunition used to kill Shelton and Clark and that there were not fingerprints on the gun because the weapon was rusty, dirty and had been left in the rain.

The defense argued that not one witness identified Montgomery and when you stack up the evidence you only have speculation. The defense also attacked the state crime lab and DNA evidence, challenging the jury to look at the report.

Throughout the trial, Montgomery has remained silent. He initially refused to attend court during pre-trial motions and had to be convinced to leave his cell by his aunt.

Early in the proceedings, the possibility of the death penalty was taken off the table because a detective who investigated the case mishandled notes.

Despite discussions of a possible second suspect in the case, the defense did not call any witnesses or present any evidence and rested shortly after the prosecution rested Tuesday morning.

NewsChannel 36 reporter Glenn Counts is in the courtroom and will continue to update you on this story.

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