CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx says he is not worried that a decision has still not been made as to which city will host the 2012 Democratic convention.

Charlotte is competing with St. Louis, Cleveland, and Minneapolis to land the convention that is expected to be worth big dollars to the city that is eventually selected.

We are one of four cities in the running and every city is in the same position, said Foxx. I'd be worried if we weren't in the same position as everybody else, but we are.

The Democratic National Committee was expected to have made a decision on the host city by the end of December.

We just have to wait the process out, said the Mayor.

Will Miller is the acting executive director of Charlotte 2012, the group put together to lobby for the convention. He said he believes the decision has been delayed while President Obama and the new congress make changes in their leadership.

They got a lot to get settled first and that certainly isn't probably a high priority, Miller said. We like to think that they will make a decision by the end of the month so that we can move ahead.

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