CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- More than 160 flights originating from Charlotte-Douglas International Airport have been canceled so far today.

Most are flights heading to areas affected by the winter storm.

This includes all AirTran flights heading in and out of Atlanta due to the storm that has blanketed a large part of the Southeastern United States.

Other airlines are also canceling flights and trying to give passengers advanced warnings, so they can make alternate travel plans, said Haley Gentry, a spokesperson for Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. The airfield is open and the deicing process is going very well.

Gentry said that about 100 airport employees started this morning around 2 a.m., preparing for the snow. That included shoveling pathways and sidewalks and parking areas and spreading ice melt around.

Airfield operations workers have spent much of the morning clearing the airports runways.

This wet snow is good for removing, said Gentry, adding that the runways were pre-treated with a chemical solution similar to the type used by N.C. Department of Transportation crews.

Gentry said the runways are clear and operational. There are 650 flights in and out of Charlotte Douglas Airport every day, said Gentry.

US Airways issued a special travel advisory, saying that passengers who needed to reschedule flights could do so without incurring a fee.

Air travelers should expect cancelations and delays across the Southeast.

Thousands of flights have been canceled at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Delta Air Lines canceled 330 flights Sunday and another 1,400 flights Monday. AirTran Airways canceled 14 flights for Sunday and another 270 for Monday, spokesman Christopher White said.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport spokesman David Magana said 200 flights, or about a quarter of the schedule, were canceled in anticipation of the weather.

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