CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Chantilly neighborhood, which sits just northeast of uptown Charlotte has experienced a rash of car break-ins recently, about a half dozen cars have been hit in a few days.

In one case someone smashed a car window and trashed the car as the crook looked for valuables.

In another case a person's credit cards were taken and used to pay for a $75taxi cab ride and make a purchase at a gas station.

Police said they plan to increase patrols in the area and even up the number of officers on patrol in the neighborhood.

Tuesday night officers from the Providence Division of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department will speak about what they are doing at a neighborhood meeting.

Jason Chanthaboury, who has lived in the Chantilly neighborhood for about six years, said he welcomes the efforts of police as they work to make his neighborhood safer.

Glad that they don't cater to higher end homes and things like that and that they look after average Joe, he said.

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