CORRECTION as of Friday, May 27, 2011:

In several website postings on, the criminal records of the two individuals who are part owners of Kashmary Enterprises, which owns King Cab company, were inaccurately reflected. The postings should have reflected that Javed Kashmary served almost three months in federal prison in Beckley, W.V., for identification document fraud, and that Naheed Kashmary served 14 months in federal prison in Gilmer, W.V., for transaction structuring, a financial crime. Naheed Kashmary did not plead guilty to any charge regarding the purchase a fake driver's license. WCNC regrets this error.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx voiced support for Airport Director Jerry Orr in the wake of a series of missteps over airport security, but said he would veto a contract with two felons if necessary.

Orr has been publicly criticized in letters to the editor, online comments and radio call-in shows for a series of missteps around security at the airport, but Mayor Foxx told reporters in his weekly briefing that overall the airport is in good shape and moving in the right direction.

Jerry has been a very effective leader and I have a high level of confidence in his leadership ability, said Foxx.

Even so, Foxx said he had scheduled a meeting with OrrFriday to try to hear his reasoning in recommending one of only three contracts for airport taxicab service to a company controlled by two brothers, Javed and Naheed Kashmary, who went to federal prison.

On first blush it doesn't strike me as a wise decision to award a contract under these circumstances, Mayor Foxx said.

City Council will discuss the airport taxi contract in Monday night's meeting, but Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon has suggested postponing the vote until all questions are answered and Mayor Foxx told reporters he would veto the deal if council passed it.

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