CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A north Charlotte woman says she ran into a pack of coyotes while walking her dog this week.

Kim Hofner and her dog, Chi, were on a morning walk near her apartment complex off Sugar Creek Parkway when she saw what she thought was three stray dogs.

They were chasing something, Hofner said.

After getting a better look, Hofner said she was sure the animals were coyotes. She and her dog quickly returned to the apartment.

They were gray and straggly looking dogs, Hofner said. One looked like his fur was off the tail. One looked really sick.

In January, a photographer shared video with NewsChannel 36 that showed coyotes in that same area. Ben Homan said he set up a hunting camera at Sugar Creek Road and W.T. Harris Boulevard and captured two coyotes on video.

I had heard rumors that they were back there, and once I saw them I was amazed, said Homan. I was excited to see them, so I thought it was pretty cool.

Hofner looked at Homan's video and said she believes the animals are the same coyotes she saw near her apartment.

When I saw the pictures my heart just sank, she said. All the time I've worried about criminals jumping out on me and now I've got to worry about wild animals.

Wildlife experts say the coyote population is growing, and while the animals generally won't hurt people, they will attack dogs or small animals.

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