TEGA CAY, S.C. -- Aaron Cook holds four large pieces of ice in his hand along with a golf ball.

These were actually bigger, said Cook as he shows off the pieces of hail that fell into his yard Saturday as he and his neighbors tried to protect their valuables. Everybody in the neighborhood was just scrambling to get their cars in the garage.

Up the street David Kost looks at cars at Palmetto Motorsports, including a Blue Corvette he just brought there for a consignment sale.

I just dropped it off yesterday morning, Kost said.

Kost is from Michigan and said he was not used to hail storms like this.

I've been through a lot of stuff but I've never seen that. It was coming bad, he said.

Kost said hail dented the grill in his backyard, tore through his flower bed and even punched holes in a canopy.

It was going right through it, just running right through it, putting holes in it. It was that bad, he said.

One ray of sunshine for Kost -- his car at Palmetto actually fared better than some of the others on the lot and better than Kost's cars at home.

Probably should have had it in the garage, he said as he pointed at his white Mustang.

Hailstorm damages vehicles in Gaston County

Gaston County was hit hard by the mix of hail and wind that came with severe thunderstorms Saturday evening.

Ice falling from 40,000 feet can do more than make noise and damage objects. It can also hurt. Just ask Brian Morgan.

All of a sudden we heard bam, bam, bam. ... I poked my heard out the wrong window and a hail ball hit me in the head, Morgan said.

The hail was accompanied by very strong rain. The slick roads caused one woman to spin out on Interstate 85.

The possibility of tornados had volunteer fire departments across the area on high alert.

The volunteers at Union Road came in to help and needed a little assistance themselves after Mother Nature bombed their cars.

We went out and tried to tarp the vehicles and salvage as much as we could. I think 10 members had several thousand dollars worth of damage to their vehicles, said Craig Huffstetler, assistant chief of the Union Volunteer Fire Department.

This kind of misery was shared all over Gaston County, including Barns Stable Court where Chad Huskins was thinking about his son's first car.

We came out and looked at our car and it had busted the sunroof on the car and it's got like damage all around it basically, Huskins said.

Huskins, like many, is ready to call an insurance adjuster and ready for a break.

I'm ready for the bad weather to stay away for the rest of the year, Huskins said.

(Reporters Richard DeVayne and Glenn Counts contributed to this story.)

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