CONCORD, N.C. Concord policeinvestigating a body found Sunday believethe death is a homicide, but have few details on a woman neighbors said kept to herself.

Neighbors told NewsChannel 36 no one had seen 57-year-old Nancy Reynolds Allen for several days when they noted a strong odor near her condo in the Candlewood Square Condos on Lake Concord Road NE.Sunday, they discovered her dead inside, and called police.

She had limited contact with friends and family so it was not unusual for her not to be seen, but as time progressed, neighbors were concerned, Concord Police Major Allen Overcash explained.

The case isconsidereda homicide, and investigators arespeculating that Allen may have died as long as a week ago. Neighbors said she was in poor health, butOvercash saidthere were clues that lead himto believe she met with foul play. He would not specify what those clues were.

A medical examiner is conducting an autopsy, and working to medically confirm that the womandiscovered is Allen.

One neighbor told NewsChannel 36she'd noted that a screen doorhad beenopen at Allen's condo for days, but assumed she'd let her dog outside, as she was known to do.

We don't think this was a random act, Overcash said. This was someone associated with her. Obviously, who, we don't know right now.

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