HICKORY, N.C. -- It did not take much to notice that something was different if you ventured anywhere near Highway 321 in Caldwell and Watauga Counties this afternoon.

The president was making a trip through the area as part of his effort to gain support for parts of Jobs Plan. A full version has already been blocked by the Senate.

Police cars, ambulances and even state and county emergency vehicles lined the road, many positioned in front of roads that led to 321.

One officer who didn't want to reveal his name said once they get the word they'll block off the highway and Nobody but God will be able to go on that road.

Dozens lined the highway hoping to snap a picture of the President's motorcade of buses which left Asheville Monday morning, taking Interstate 40 to Highway 321.

In Boone, Megan Carmody waited just off 321 for the president's bus to roll by.

She kept in constant contact with several of her friends on Facebook and Twitter trying to keep up with Obama's moves.

At one point she told some of the people around her that she thought the President would be heading right by her on his way to Watauga High School for a possible presidential stop.

Unfortunately for Carmody, who owns a business in downtown Boone, the Motorcade went by her store, but not where she was standing.

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