BELMONT, N.C. Ask anyone at the Gaston County Employment offices and they tell you it s not easy getting a job these days, so 131 new jobs is very exciting to the unemployed.

Gastonia needs jobs, said Jennifer Stiles, who is unemployed.

The opportunity is coming from the Spanish company CTL Packaging. They deal with packaging for cosmetics, pharmacy, food and more. The company says Gaston County offered a great incentive package with 60 acres for free in Technology Park right by Gaston College.

Jonica Jefferson called the news wonderful.

It's exciting not only for me but other people. Even if I don't get the opportunity someone will get the opportunity that needs it, Jefferson said.

The access to technical people for our employment, the training process that we can go through with the college were reasons for the move, said CTL Packaging CEO Manuel Diez.

They also chose the park because it gives them room to grow, which means more employment as well.

We have technicians, injection molding. We have mechanics, maintenance folks, commercial people, administrative jobs, an entire factory, Diez added.

Governor Bev Perdue spoke at the announcement, saying North Carolina is staying competitive.

We've faced a lot of stresses in this state over the years, textile and tobacco. All those manufacturing jobs are overseas and our people had to come back to school and figure out how to use this advanced manufacturing with robotics and all kinds of science and technology, said Perdue.

And now locals say they want to see Gastonia flourish again.

When I came home last year I could not believe it when I saw so (much) shut down and lines coming out the employment office. I thought I would never see anything like that for this area, said Stiles.

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