WAXHAW, N.C. On Tuesday the Union County Board of Elections certified the results, which weren t close.

Neighbors needed 868 certified petitions against annexation. They got 1,226.

Even the number of petitions questioned by Marvin officials would not have made a difference in the outcome.

A state law passed this summer allowed neighbors to beat involuntary annexation if they signed petitions and got 60 percent of the petitions in their favor.

Patricia Bradshaw fought annexation and was one of the observers who went over the petitions during the certification process.

You don't force people into doing something. If we have an interest, we'll come and we'll talk to you, but don't tell us, Bradshaw said.

Kelly Walker fought annexation as hard as anyone.

We're just fine by ourselves, she said.

Walker lives in Walden Pond, which is an unincorporated area of Union County next to Marvin.

Annexation into the Village of Marvin would have meant about $300 per year in additional taxes to Marvin that she's not paying now.

Walker s sign in her front yard sums it up: Keep your money, Marvin offers nothing.

No sewage, no police, nothing to offer for what we have to pay the town, so that's why we're against it, she said. We would rather keep that money and improve our neighborhood.

Village of Marvin Mayor Nick Dispenziere says annexation would give nearly 1,500 parcel owners a sense of community in Marvin, add two new deputies patrolling the area, close land donut holes so village limits don't skip nearby neighborhoods and provide land management to help deal with growth.

Marvin's zoning regulations were made to keep open spaces and that's a big plus, especially with the schools, Dispenziere said.

State law says Marvin now has to wait three years to try involuntary annexation again. Neighbors hope there is a lesson with the butt kicking.

We want to have a say in what town we want to belong to, and at this point there was no reason for us to belong to any town, Walker said.

Neighbors are also fighting this in court. There's a hearing coming up on December 15th.

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