LINCOLNTON, N.C. -- Police were called to a house on Untold Way for a suicide Friday, but later determined the woman found inside was murdered.

Officers would not say how they believed the 42-year-old was killed, though paramedics said she died of cardiac arrest. The man who lived in the house, Jerry Black, was questioned and taken into custody but was not charged with anything Friday night.

Neighbors said the victim was Black s girlfriend.

Rita Icard, who lives next door, said she called police about loud music coming from Black s house just after midnight. Officers said Black and a woman with him both seemed to be fine during that visit.

Icard said about an hour after police left she heard a commotion that sounded like doors slamming coming from the house next door.

I just thought he was being spiteful. I didn t hear screaming or anything. I didn t know what was going on, said Icard.

Police have not released the victim s identity. This is Lincolnton s first homicide of the year.

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