CHARLOTTE, N.C. North Carolina is ordering school districts to do special inspections on all bus fleets after a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools bus caught fire earlier this month in southeast Charlotte.

Transportation officials are trying to prevent a similar situation from happening with other buses.

Six students from Chantilly Montessori Elementary School were on bus number 295 when the driver noticed smoke coming from the dash and got them off safely on February 8.

The fire started due to an electrical problem in the dashboard, according to fire investigators.

All school buses are required to be inspected every 30 days by the district, and bus number 295 passes inspection in January.

The state selects 10 percent of the buses in each district for random inspections and road tests every year.

Bus 295 was not on the lists from the past two years. The CMS bus fleet scored better than average in those inspections. However, the 2011 score was worse than 2010.

According to CMS data, on any given day six percent of the fleet is parked due to maintenance issues.

Officials could only recall one other bus fire in recent history that happened in 2003.

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