MATTHEWS, N.C. -- A sixth grader was bruised and bloodied after an attack on board a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools bus, and the victim s mother claims CMS refused to do anything about it.

Kristjana Magnusson attends Mint Hill Middle School and says she thought was going to do die during a fight on the bus around 5 p.m. Friday afternoon.

She probably would have killed me because she almost got to my neck, Magnusson said.

You can actually hear the kids screaming They're going to kill her. They're going to kill her. Stop the bus, said a neighbor who saw cell phone video of the incident. It actually made me sick on my stomach. And this went on for three minutes.

One student and the victim s sister, Juliana, got into an argument and once on the bus Kristjana tried to come to her twin sister s aid.

I was just trying to help my sister, Kristjana said. She just kind of pushed me and I slapped her in the face.

Before she knew what happened, another girl grabbed her.

Pulled me back down on the ground and just started stomping on my face, she added.

As children screamed, the neighbor who saw some of the video says the driver never stopped to help.

They were begging the bus driver to stop and the bus driver went and continued to let the girls beat on Kristjana, the neighbor added.

Finally the driver let the kids off back at school, but Kristjana s mother said she was never even contacted by the principal.

He (the principal) said Look it's Friday after five o'clock. We all have to get home. I'm not calling the police. You can do it if you want to, I'm not doing it, said mother Laurie Magnusson.

According to CMS, at the time of the incident the school followed all proper procedures. A spokesperson said the students involved have all been disciplined.

The school's resource officer was notified and administrators and the parents of the students involved were also notified.

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