CHARLOTTE, N.C. A seven-year-old is recovering after being attacked by a pit bull.

The incident happened on Thursday on Mellwood Drive. According to the mother, Annette Albright, her seven-year-old was playing at the neighbor s home. Albright says the pit bull was instructed by another child to attack her son.

His eye was torn open, I saw blood coming out of his legs, said Albright. My first thought was that he d been hit by a car.

Albright says the children were playing cops when the dog was instructed to attack. The dog bit the seven-year-old on the left side of his face, according to the mother.

According to Albright, the dog stopped attacking when her other son and a neighbor pulled the dog away.

It was later on at the hospital that I realized that they put their lives in danger to fight a pit bull, said Albright.

The dog is being held at animal control.

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