CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Will they stay or will they go? Uptown workers have spent weeks making plans on whether they'll venture into Charlotte during the Democratic National Convention.

We've got to go to work. Gotta take care of all those children, said First Ward Child Development Center employeeDeborah Richmond.

Yes, it will be a whole different route next week, she said as she got on her bus to head to work.

Richmond knows she'll have a new route and different bus, but will be at the same place she always is on Mondays: the infant room at First Ward.

Mom Stephanie Collins Frempong is grateful.

It's going to be very hectic, she said.

Collins-Frempong begins a new job next week. As she dropped off her one-year-old daughter Abigail, she rattled off her to do list for Monday.

Making sure I'm on time. Making sure I drop her off on time. Making sure I wake up early in the morning, and starting my day at 5 or 4:30 in the morning, she said.

Early -- that's the buzz word everywhere. From First Ward to uptown, it is evident that change is here as theconvention nears. New buildings. New plans. New rules.

Pat Walsh works at Duke Energy and they're giving their employees the option not to come into work next week.

They're allowing us to work from home, she said.

But Walsh says she curiosity may bring her to the Duke Energy Building.

I'm thinking of coming up because I think it's easier to work from the office.

Christina Robinson has decided her plans for the week of the convention.

Part of me would like to come out for the action, but no, I'm staying home, she said.Idon't want to deal with the traffic. It's hard enough to get here on time as it is.

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