CHARLOTTE, N.C. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are getting some help from private security companies during the Democratic National Convention. And there's one group helping out that's usually thought to be for the rich and famous.

Karl de la Guerra is all about protection. He trains bodyguards.

The COO of Metro Police and Security is now getting private investigators trained and licensed for the DNC.

The potential for risk is always there, de la Guerra said. Anytime someone is willing to pay to be protected, there's a risk someone out there is willing to pay just as much or more to have them hurt.

De la Guerra said he has been very busy. He would not say who Metro will protect and folks won't always know they're there.

Anytime you see a bodyguard in traditional attire, there will be one, two, three, four individuals doing the same job but immersed within the crowd.

And even though de la Guerra will likely be nearby, Metro will know where clients are.

Our clients will all be monitored from the room, he said.

Cheryl Thomas will be helping on the ground. She will be armed.

Already a private investigator, Thomas is getting training to be a bodyguard. She'll work with a team of bodyguards during the DNC.

We have people coming from all walks of life from all around the world, Thomas said. This is a huge venue.

And she says the need for bodyguards is great.

Protecting their every movement, making sure they're safe at the event, Thomas said.
De la Guerra said the team is ready.

We're looking for anything out of the ordinary, anything that might give us that gut instinct that something isn't right, he said.

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