CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Regina Chipman-Ashley has one of the most important jobs at Presbyterian Orthopedic Hospital.

She s a pharmacist, who got an advanced degree so that she could be at a hospital where critical decisions are made. But Chipman-Ashley will admit how she got her job baffled her parents.

They were unsure of how I could find a job on the internet instead of filling out paperwork, she said.

Chipman-Ashley, 31, is part of a growing trend of job seekers using the internet and social media sites, and hospitals like Presbyterian are stepping up to find recruits like her.

It s very new, but it s excellent as well, said Connie Roseborough, a corporate recruiter for Novant Health, Presbyterian s parent company.

From Google, to Indeed to Monster and Twitter, hospitals are looking for recruits on the internet and through social media sites, Roseborough said. She says young people are especially excited about Twitter.

Every time we post a new position, you get a tweet about the new position, said Roseborough. It could be a pharmacist position, nursing position or clinical or non-clinical.

Roseborough said that 83 percent of all applicants coming into the healthcare system are coming through internet sites and social media sites.

The process is working so well, Novant has almost entirely stopped using the Classified Ads to post jobs, she said.

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