CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Protesters from the Rainforest Action Network staged a sit-in at four Bank of America branches in Charlotte on Tuesday, and nine people were arrested

The branches at South Tryon, East Trade streets, South Kings Drive and East Boulevard were forced to close briefly after protesters from the Rainforest Action Network conducted sit-ins to protest the bank's role in coal financing, according to a press release from RAN.

The group said nine people were arrested, including 75-year-old Patricia Moore.

Also arrested were Beth Henry and Sara Shaw of Charlotte; Robert Halas, Steven Norris, Anna Lang and Elizabeth Goyer of Asheville; Grady Page and Marc Smith of Washington, D.C.

Bank of America refused to comment on the incident.

One officer was seen patrolling the front of the East Boulevard location, but otherwise business appeared to be running as normal.

RAN is the same group that had members arrested after they hung a banner from Bank of America stadium protesting the bank's involvement in the coal industry. That incident happened in early May.

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