CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Don't wait for January to get a head start on losing holiday weight. Halloween might have pushed you over the edge, and if your pants are feeling snug now, then it is good to consider all the calorie consumption we are about to do for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Erin Borchard is a personal trainer, CrossFit coach, and mother of two that has never let her health and daily workouts take a back seat. If you are looking to join a gym and get involved, she says that she believes in the science of CrossFit.

Erin says that the competitive style training is modifiable for anyone, from people who battle obesity to the elderly.

It is the combination of functioning movement, high intensity with constant variation that will make someone successful, added Borchard.

If you don't have a PVC pipe, then you can use your broom stick! Warm up your arms first with some simple and short repetitions and begin the workout with some lunges. The pole is going to help you work on your form, so you will break a sweat even though the PVC pipe is a light weight.

After you fit in some squats you will be ready for a little cardio. It is just another way to save you time from traveling to the gym, but still fitting in a good calorie burning booster.

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