GASTONIA, N.C. -- In the height of the holiday season, there s another season that has started early flu season.

Doctors are telling patients to get shots now but there are already some scattered reports of shortages in some vaccine variations.

We've had quite a rush this week actually, said Brian Lackey, a nurse with the Gaston County Health Department.

Gaston County has plenty of inject-able vaccine vials but has run out of the flu mist nasal spray favored by those who are not so fond of needles.

The department is taking steps now to make sure supplies of the other types of vaccine don't run out.

It comes in different shipments throughout the season and we've actually just ordered some more, Lackey said.

While Gaston County is out of the nasal spray, Catawba County reports having only a limited supply of the vaccine, with orders for more.

Mecklenburg County has had no shortages to date.

With most every drug store and grocery store offering flu shots, more and more people are getting them.

Wilma Monk said she has already had her flu shot.

As a senior citizen she said it is important to her.

My grandson has got the flu right now. He had to go to the doctor yesterday, she said.

Stewart Jenkins also has had his shot and says people who claim the shot makes you sick are just wrong.

Some people may have the sniffles at night or they might feel different but I never have heard of anybody getting the flu as a result of the flu shot, said Jenkins.

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