CHARLOTTE, NC -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Chief Rodney Monroe spoke to Charlotte City Council members Monday night about his department's technological enhancements from hosting the Democratic National Convention.

Federal grants allowed CMPD to purchase 131 wireless cameras, 95 license plate readers, and a $1.9 million video management system. CMPD is now in the process of reassessing where to use those new resources.

In all, 97 cameras will be moved into neighborhoods of need, Monroe said.

There are several high-value areas in the there are a lot of opportunities to take this technology and redeploy it out in our communities, Monroe told the Council.

He assured City Council members and community members the cameras would not be focused on small neighborhoods or specific homes. He says neighbors will be aware when a camera is being installed nearby.

We're focused mainly on business corridors, he added.

The ACLU of North Carolina says there needs to be a mechanism to ensure officers appropriately use the cameras and abuse isn't rampant.

If you don't have appropriate monitoring of these license plate readers, if you don't have appropriate monitoring (of) these cameras, then the government will be intruding in those spaces that really are central to our private lives, said Chris Brook, legal director for ACLU NC.

Click here to see the current locations of CMPD security cameras (PDF)

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