BELMONT, N.C. -- Investigators have ruled the officer-involved shooting on New Year's Eve inside a gated residential area to be simply an accidental discharge of an officer's firearm.

Just after 6 p.m. on New Year's Eve, Belmont Police responded to a road rage call with possible shots fired.

Officers encountered the subjects, Brandon Watts and Andrea Verner, in the 3200 block of Lake Pointe Drive.

Officers believed Watts to be armed, so he and Verner were both detained by officers.

Police say while Watts and Verner were being questioned, Melissa Verner, who was not in the car at the time of the initial disturbance, came from within the home into the garage where officers were questioning the subjects.

Because of the possible presence of a weapon, officers attempted to detain Melissa, too, but she reportedly ignored the officers' commands. Officers were forced to physically grab her and take her to the ground, officials say, but she continued to resist.

During the struggle to detain Melissa, officials say an officer's weapon accidentally discharged, resulting in the round striking the concrete, and breaking apart, with shrapnel hitting Melissa and an officer in the legs.

First aid was immediately rendered, officials say.

No charges have been filed in the incident.

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