MONROE, N.C. Officials in Monroe arrested four people in connection with counterfeit goods and drug paraphernalia that were being sold from businesses.

Investigators seized counterfeit CD s, fake drug paraphernalia, synthetic marijuana and even fake urine. Officials said at some of the locations they discovered detoxifying drinks used to alter a positive drug screen.

Four people from three separate businesses were charged. Investigators said the items seized were valued at $5,000

Maher Skef, 47, of Bulldog Smoke Shop was charged with possession with intent to sale synthetic urine and having possession, custody, and control of a good that has a counterfeit mark.

Kanubhai Patel, 47, of Smoker s Depot was charged with possession, custody control of a good having a counterfeit mark and possession with the intent to sale less than 100 unauthorized recorded devices.

Lisa Hartkopf, 51, also of the Smoker s Depot was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Nady Zokari, 38, was charged with possession, custody, control of a good having a counterfeit mark and selling items to defraud a drug screening test.

Officials said all four are scheduled to appear in court March 3, 2013.

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