CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Few people in the African American Community take up the sport of bow hunting, but two Charlotte men are trying to change that.

To kill a big deer with a bow is a challenge in itself, said 55-year-old Jonathan Thompson. He s been bow hunting for 25 years.

Two years ago his friend, Octavious Williams, 42, decided to start tagging along. Those efforts paid off in December when he bagged a buck behind a church in eastern Mecklenburg County.

The average hunter, hunts 25 to 30 years never kills a buck that big never, said Williams who hunted the largest deer of the year with a bow.

At that time my heart started pounding I was just wondering what if I miss. It s a buck of a lifetime .

Williams didn t miss. His kill was written up in February s issue of North Carolina Sportsman Magazine. The 14 point whitetail weighed 230 pounds and was gross scored at 156 inches.

I didn't know if he was having a baby or if his wife was having a baby. All I knew was...I need to get to him as quick as I could, said Thompson, describing the phone call he got from his friend.

He is very proud of his hunting buddy; both men are interested in bringing more minorities into the sport to combat black on black crime.

This has given me a chance to let the younger brothers know there is no hunting season on our people put down the guns don t shoot your brother, said Williams.

The men say the attributes that work in bow hunting, intelligence, patience and accuracy can help kids achieve their goals in life.

The key steps to our success if we can reach back (youth) and help one, then we have done what the Creator has asked of us, said Thompson.

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