CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are investigating one of the largest pharmacy thefts they have ever seen.

Jennifer Brandon, 31, a pharmacy tech who worked at the Super Target store at the Rivergate Shopping Center in southwest Charlotte has been arrested. She is accused of stealing more than 10,000 Hydrocodone pills worth more than $60,000.

She admitted to taking 10,000 pills, plus taking 40 to 50 per shift, said Lt. Casey Carver of CMPD'S Steele Creek Division.

Brandon was arrested February 7, and investigators believe she started stealing the pills in October. Her family was stunned by the arrest.

Isn't that sad. We're just heartbroken over it, because she was just such a sweet girl, said Mandy Mullis, a relative.

Police say that Brandon started working for Target last March. Part of her responsibility was making sure the pharmacy was stocked. At some point loss prevention became suspicious.

Their investigation (was) through video surveillance. They had been watching her after they noticed supplies and sales of Hydrocodone pills, said Lt. Carver.

Despite the shock, Brandon's family is standing by her.

We do hope that maybe they will decide to give her some help instead. I hope she doesn't get prison, added Mullis.

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