HICKORY GROVE, S.C. -- Joey Funderburk is coming in with lunch for his family. He's struggling a bit because a recent fall his him on crutches; he slipped on a patch of ice during the recent winter storm.

Lunch time is hectic for this close-knit Hickory Grove family; they have three kids and three dogs, all in an old farm house. There are a lot of laughs and lots of love.

The family is excited they re getting ready to watch their national television debut on The Doctors.

The show starts with the story of Joey's adoption from a Romanian orphanage. He was 5-years-old.

I looked down into these beautiful brown eyes. I just recognized him, I knew he was gonna be my son, said Chrystal, Joey s mom.

Joey s birth mother abandoned him. He was born with a birth defect that meant his legs had to be amputated and fitted for prosthetics.

It doesn t phase him. We are active beings, our only limitation...our limbs deep down inside of us we want to go out and do the same things you want to do, he expressed.

But Joey outgrew his prosthetics.

He was falling every day this summer, his head bounced off of the floor, Chrystal recalled.

Their company insurance kept turning them down, refusing to pay for the much needed legs. So the family tried raising the money themselves by selling donuts.

Chrystal said, I was all excited, thinking yes we made 500 dollars! We only need to do this 240 more times and we'll have legs.

Then the show The Doctors heard Joey s story and arranged to help him get his new legs.

Watching the show, Chrystal is overcome. She mouths I love you across the room to her son.

It s been a life changer for me these legs, Joey said.

The family raised more than $40,000 selling donuts. Insurance has now agreed to pay some, but the family will still have to cover the rest. They've also started a foundation to help other families with adoption and prosthetics.

For more information, go to their website,

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