MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- Family and friends of Denise Minkle, the woman accused of allowing drugs to be sold from her house, are speaking out.

This week, Iredell County Sheriff deputies charged her and four others for their alleged role in supplying drugs to students at Lake Norman High School.

The drugs included heroin, LSD and bath salt laced containing chemical hallucinogens.

Minkle's oldest son Elliot Ziegler, 24, was arrested, and her 15-year-old turned himself in Tuesday night.

She isn't the monster being portrayed on TV, says Minkle's brother, Eddie Hughes.

He describes his sister as kind and compassionate, and heavily involved in caring for the needs of others in the community. As for her personal life, Hughes says Minkle struggled for years to help her son, who has been in and out of drug rehab.

He would come knock on her door, Mom, I have nowhere to go, She would let him back in. We are thinking that influenced the little boy.

Hughes says less than two weeks ago, Minkle threw her son out of her Mooresville home when she discovered evidence of drug abuse. He says she would not condone such activity. It was while separated from her son that he was taken in by authorities.

All she is trying to do is be a loving mother and take care of her children. Farthest thing she is, is a drug addict, drug lord, drug supplier, or any of that stuff.

According to the Iredell County Sheriff's Department, the arrests follow a two month-long undercover investigation at several different homes.

Larry Brown is the father of 19-year-old Daniel Brown.

I was in denial-- in shock and everything else. Hoping it wasn't true.

Daniel was arrested along with Thomas Wykoff, 19, both former Lake Norman High School students.

Both were charged with selling and delivering of a controlled substance. Brown says his son maintains his innocence, and will support him through this ordeal.

I love him to death always will, he is my youngest and I will stand by him till the end.

Iredell County Sheriff's Department maintains this is an ongoing investigation and more arrests are possible.

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