CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- We're looking out for you, letting you know how you can get your taxes done for free.

AARP is offering the service to seniors at various locations across Charlotte.

At some locations you'll need to sign-up at others, it's first come first serve. Either way, many seniors say it's a weight off their shoulders.

For years Charlotte resident Bonnie Denney did her taxes on her own.

There's just so many questions you have and you have nobody to ask. So, I'm just there trying to figure it all out by myself, she said.

AARP representatives say tax preparations gets more difficult as seniors retire.

They're relying on programs like social security and Medicare. So, really how they're finances are structured changes and people have a lot of really reasonable questions, said Michael Olender, the AARP Associate State Director.

Trained volunteers are standing by to help seniors navigate those changes. Hundreds of seniors across North Carolina use the program, but volunteers Jim Spicer wonders why more don't take advantage.

Why don't you just let us do it? Because we can do it in an hour or less and you many? Six? Eight? Ten days working on this, he said.

Bonnie says the program helps her save money. Tax preparation by a professional can get expensive.

I think it can go up to $150 dollar, $200 or more, depending I guess on you situation.

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