CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The phrase NASCAR fashion show conjures up images of large logos, loud colors and one-piece fire suits. So when Sherry Pollex pitched the idea as a charity event to Martin Truex Jr., he had doubts.

Well, at first I was like, 'Well I don t know,' smiled Truex.

Nobody has ever done a fashion show and since I won a boutique and I m involved in the fashion world it just seemed like a good idea to have a fashion show for charity, said Sherry Pollex. We met some good friends of ours that had a daughter that was being treated at Levine Children s Hospital so we started a special needs fund there and decided to donate all the proceeds to that.

The first event had 50 people and raised $8,000 but this month they expect 500 guests. Through sponsors and a silent auction they expect to raise over $150,000.

This year we are having it at Michael Waltrip Racing because we have outgrown the shop we had it in last year, said Truex.

And it s not all NASCAR people in the audience.

There are a lot of fashion people too, said Pollex. It s kind of a girl s night out as well.

It might be fashion and the models take center stage but it s the kids that steal the show when they get to walk the runway.

It just brings a whole other element to it when the kids walk the runway, smiled Pollex. Everybody gets into it because the night's all about them.

They don't mess around. They get into it. They practice. I mean it s like their time to shine there in the spotlight, said Truex. For them to just get away and go out and have some fun and quit thinking, I mean, one little girl last year said this was the best day of her entire life and for Sherry and I to hear her say that was just amazing.

The event is May 15 and is sold out but there are items up for bid online.

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