CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A US Airways flight from Houston made an emergency landing at Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Sunday night, with one of its two engines shut down.

Flight 1940 was en route to Charlotte when the engine trouble started at around 9 p.m., US Airways spokeswoman Michelle Mohr said. There were 122 passengers on board the Boeing 737.

Passenger Brian Kalish, 26, of Arlington, Va., told the Observer he head a horrific noise followed by incredible shaking, loud enough that it woke people who were sleeping in the cabin. Soon after, the flight attendants gathered at the front of the plane, and Kalish said the air conditioning system stopped working.

A few minutes following, the cockpit made an announcement that, as a precaution, we have shut down our No. 1 engine, Kalish said.

Mohr said the pilots declared an emergency and landed immediately at Charlotte Douglas. She said she didn t know if the engine stopped functioning in flight or was shut down by the crew.

It landed with one engine, Mohr said. Pilots are trained to do that.

Emergency vehicles met the flight on the runway and followed the plane as it taxied to a gate. No injuries were reported, Mohr said.

Kalish said one of the crew members told him a bearing in the engine might have failed. He made his connecting flight to Washington Reagan National Airport, and said the crew on the troubled flight handled the emergency very well. The entire flight crew did an excellent job, Kalish said.

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