INDIANTRAIL, N.C. -- Police arrested two men for racing on Sunday after reportedly clocking the cars flying down the highway at speeds in excess of 100 mph.

Around 9:30 Sunday night, Stallings Police observed two vehicles traveling westbound on US 74, Independence Boulevard, in Indian Trail.

Noticing the high rate of speed, the officer pulled his radar gun, and reports clocking the cars traveling at 111 mph in a 55 mph zone.

The two vehicles, both Suzukis, pulled into a gas station where the officer made contact with the drivers, 27-year-old Dustin Lane Rape, and 26-year-old Jeffrey Crowder, Jr., both of Monroe.

Rape and Monroe told the officer they didn't prearrange a race, and didn't realize how fast they were going.

Officers say both Rape and Monroe had pending charges for speeding and reckless driving, respectively, and took both men into custody.

They're both charged with speed competition, speeding 111/55, and reckless driving to endanger. Bond was set at $1000 a piece.

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