VIRGINIA BEACH-If you're one of the millions of Americans with allergies, figuring out what you're allergic to can be a pain - literally.

Traditional allergy test administered by doctors can involve shots and skin test scratches that can be painful and expensive.

Now, you might be able to discover figure our for yourself in the privacy of your home. The MyAllergyTest checks for the top ten most common allergens -- Bermuda grass, cat, cedar, egg white, house dust mites, milk, mold, ragweed, Timothy grass and wheat.

It comes with tools to prick a finger, collect blood droplets and to mail in a special vial to the company. You'll get the results in the mail or by logging on to a website a few days after the lab receives the sample.

The maker, Immunetech, says it's ideal for people without insurance or who are unemployed and want to know their allergy triggers. The company claims its test is just as accurate as the results from your doctor.

Dr. Craig Koenig, an allergy and asthma specialist in Va. Beach, worries the blood test could be misleading by showing someone is allergic to something that they really aren't.

I guess with any lab test there can always be a false positive. It means the test is positive, but you don t have the disease, you don t have the problem, explains Koenig.

Koenig says a doctor can also screen for more than 50 possible allergies instead of the 10 in the home kit. So if you still have symptoms and results come back negative, you might be allergic to something the kit doesn't test.

The maker says you can get a negative result for an allergen but but still be sensitive to a less common or rare form of that allergen.

The home kit costs $50.00.

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